Resident Evil 3 Remake Leaked Screenshots Shows Disgusting New Bosses & More

Resident Evil 3 Remake

On February 25, several international media were expected to launch new impressions of Resident Evil 3 Remake accompanied by new game material. A media has skipped the publication date and thanks to this we can now take a look at more than 20 new screenshots of the Capcom game.

These images, that can be found here, was originally published by and immortalized on ResetEra, and it shows us several of the game’s protagonists, the different enemies (bosses) with whom we will meet again and certain known locations.

The game will place us in the events that took place earlier than we lived in Resident Evil 2 and thanks to that we can see how the first moments of the outbreak of the virus happened in the Raccoon City area.

In this reimagination, we will be able to enjoy the action that characterized the original game but multiplied by several integers by enjoying a new visual aspect and various improvements. Already with the review of Resident Evil 2, it was shown that Capcom has the point taken to the formula to bring old glories to modern times.

For this installment, the Japanese studio promised even more changes from the original than we could already see in the game released in 2019, so even franchise veterans and connoisseurs of this installment have reason to revisit it with enthusiasm.

In this game, we will also have a multiplayer called Resident Evil Resistance that can also be represented in these leaked screenshots. In it, we will control several survivors who will have to escape a kind of deadly test in which another player controls the zombies and various creatures to try to kill all the heroes.

In recent news, it was confirmed that the game will be free with the purchase of AMD RX 5000 Cards. On the other hand, a steelbook edition of the game is available for purchase now.

Resident Evil 3 Remake will release on April 3 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rajesh Vish
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