Shadow Warrior 3 Teased By Official Twitter Account

Shadow Warrior 3 Teased

It seems that Shadow Warrior 3 could be announced next week. On the official Twitter account of the series, the creators are teasing a teaser trailer that should be ready to be shown for Devolver Direct 2020.

According to its official Twitter account, Shadow Warrior 3 looks to be within reach. While the official announcement is pending, the series’ official Twitter account has been revived. After more than six months, a tweet appeared again for the first time.

The title looks to be confirmed as the tweet gives rise to hope that there will be a relevant announcement shortly. Because it is accompanied by a graphic on which a sign is depicted with the following words: “Teaser Trailer – Filming in progress – Quiet please!”

Now, it doesn’t take clairvoyant skills to guess that a teaser trailer for a previously unannounced part of the Shadow Warrior series will be unveiled sometime in the coming days or weeks.


And “when?” It should already be cleared up. Devolver Digital announced a few days ago that Devolver Direct 2020 will air next week. It starts on July 11, 2020, at 12 PM PT. Since the company owns the publishing rights, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise when Shadow Warrior 3 – or whatever the title is called – could be announced as part of the event.

Shadow Warrior 2, which was launched in 2017, was very well received by the players and the press. The Metascore is 72 (PS4 version), while the user rating was with an average of 7.1.

In Shadow Warrior 2, the players in the role of mercenary Lo Wang tried to avert the impending end of the world. Demonic legions previously invaded the world, which Lo Wang resorted to using his firearms and swords to save the world from final doom.

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