Sparkle New Arc A380 and A310 Genie Series GPUs to Feature Low-Profile Design and Dual Fans

Arc A380 and A310 Genie

In a bid to make a resounding return to the GPU market, Sparkle has set its pace high with a range of innovative models in the pipeline. As part of its ambitious strategy, the company is gearing up for the launch of its Genie consumer series, a collection distinct from its earlier Industrial Low-Profile models labeled ‘Genie’. A recent presentation clarified that a previous slide erroneously displayed the wrong design.

The Genie series represents Sparkle’s dedicated line of products tailored for consumers, adorned with the company’s trademark blue color scheme reminiscent of the TITAN, ORC, and ELF series, all of which are accompanied by more capable Arc SKUs.

The imminent stars of the Genie lineup are the Arc A380 and A310 GPUs, both characterized by a unique blend of low-profile design and the inclusion of dual-fan cooling solutions. The crux of the disparity between the Genie and Industrial designs lies in their thickness – the Genie series adopts a dual-slot configuration for optimal cooling, while the Industrial iteration maintains a sleek single-slot profile. Furthermore, the Genie series takes a step towards enhanced consumer-friendliness with its display support system, featuring one HDMI port and two Mini DisplayPort connectors, a departure from the previous configuration of four Mini DisplayPort connections.

The Arc A380 and A310, positioned as entry-level models within the Genie series, house the ACM-G11 GPU equipped with either 8 or 6 Xe-Cores. It’s important to underline that these models are not positioned as direct competitors to NVIDIA and AMD offerings. Instead, they carve a niche with a 128-bit memory bus and a notably higher memory capacity. The memory configurations of the Arc A3 models include 6GB with a 96-bit bus or 4GB with a 64-bit bus.

One particular standout feature of the Arc GPUs is their robust video encoding capability. In the previous year, many gamers gravitated towards the A380 GPU, utilizing it as a reliable video encoder for their streaming setups – a budget-friendly alternative to the more premium ADA/RDNA3 cards upon their launch. However, with the recent release of more budget-conscious GPUs by these competing manufacturers, the Arc A380’s status as a cost-effective option might undergo reevaluation.

Source: Sparkle, via Videocardz