Xbox Series X “Can Win” Against PS5, Phil Spencer Comments

PS5 Xbox Series X

The Xbox boss praises the work that Sony and Mark Cerny have done with PlayStation 5, but says that after seeing the presentation of the console he felt “even better” with the decisions of Xbox Series X.

The Microsoft executive saw the presentation of the machine designed by Mark Cerny, and although he praises the work done by the engineer and his team, he notes that seeing it made him feel “even better” with his console. “I felt really good about how Xbox Series X lines up,” relative to PS5, Spencer explained on the IGN Podcast Unlocked. “When we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices that we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.”

The head of Xbox continues by saying thanks to the Microsoft hardware team by launching an excellent product: “We took a holistic view on our platform from CPU to GPU to RAM to throughput velocity architecture, latency, back compat – it took us years to get to this point.”

In the same interview, Spencer also praises the PS5 Team by saying the following: “Mark [Cerny] and the team did some really good work on the audio processing that they’ve talked about and their SSD technology is impressive, we like that, we saw the work that they did.” He notes that his own team likes what Sony has done with those PS5 components, and acknowledges how difficult it is to make a new machine.

The executive has assured that Xbox Series X will be launched in 2020. The official launch window of the console is set for autumn or winter this year. In the same podcast, he explained that they do not have a fixed price yet since it remains “flexible” and also referred to the fact that Scalebound is not in development. On the same dates, PS5 will be launched, for which no delays are expected too.

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