Square Enix President Takashi Kiryu Says the Company Wants to Release Fewer, More Diverse Games

Final Fantasy

Square Enix, under the leadership of its president Takashi Kiryu, is planning to transform its game development strategy. The company, traditionally known for its massive RPG franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is now looking to release fewer titles while diversifying the array of genres in its portfolio. This shift is a response to the diversification of customer needs and the variety of devices available in the market.

The strategy involves focusing more on quality rather than quantity, which might lead to a reduction in the number of titles released but with a higher standard for each. Square Enix is aiming to structure its development function to ensure higher quality from each title by slimming down its lineup. The intention is to concentrate more on original IP and not just existing blockbusters.

Kiryu has acknowledged that Square Enix has relied heavily on certain gameplay styles or genres, primarily due to the strong IPs they possess. However, recognizing the changing tastes of customers in the gaming market, who now enjoy content from a variety of genres, the company plans to diversify its approach. This doesn’t mean they will completely abandon their iconic franchises, but it indicates a willingness to explore and succeed with newer properties.

Interestingly, despite this new direction, the company continues to work on and release games for its major franchises. For example, the next installments of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are still in the pipeline. The move to diversify and focus on quality is seen as a strategic approach to adapt to the evolving gaming market and consumer preferences.

This strategic shift by Square Enix marks an interesting change in the gaming industry, highlighting the need for major game developers to continuously evolve and adapt their strategies to stay relevant and successful in a rapidly changing market.

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