Station to Station, a Colorful Voxel Art Railroad-building Game Announced for PC

Station to Station

Developed by developer Galaxy Grove the new  Station to Station voxel-art railroad-building simulator is coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year. It promises to offer a fully-sculpted world that changes over time. The players can even shape their own buildings and other structures. The game will also include a rich, immersive story told through hand-crafted art and character performances.

In the game, you can build railways, stations and connect them to foster growth in a dynamic world that grows and changes with every decision you make. It will have a wide variety of biomes to explore including desert sands, dense forests and untamed mountain terrains. The game will also feature a thriving economy based on rail and air routes.

Here are the main features of the game:

  • A relaxing and peaceful experience
  • Beautiful, colorful voxel art
  • Optional strategic gameplay to earn high scores

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Among the best-rated voxel-art games is Creativerse, which has millions of players from around the world. It has a fair approach to monetization, keeping the core gameplay completely free for everybody. Players can craft various items and use them to create unique creations using the voxel model editor. They can also use the crafted items in a huge multiplayer world. Besides that, they can take part in various missions to earn rewards and unlock different game modes.