Take-Two Share Price Drops After GTA Writer Leaves Rockstar

Take-Two GTA

Yesterday we learned that Dan Houser, co-founder and vice president of Rockstar Games, would leave the company very soon. This not only affected the operations within it, but the effects were also felt in Take-Two, the company to which the studio belongs.

According to a report, Take-Two, the company of which Rockstar is a subsidiary, closed yesterday, Wednesday, with a value of its shares of $120.76 USD, a little lower if we compare it with the value of the previous day, of $126.93 USD, before Dan Houser announced his departure from the company. As you can see, it is a decrease that at first glance may seem small (around 5%), but in financial terms it is considerable, taking into account that the change occurred in the margin of one day.

In addition, it shows us the speculation that was also generated in the environment of investors after the announcement of Dan Houser, because until now the details of this game are not known, beyond which the writer had also taken a break since 2019. In fact, all this was learned thanks to a document, but neither the company nor Dan Houser has talked about it.

However, Rockstar Games is expected to give more information on the subject very soon, as, its next financial meeting will take place on February 6. We will keep you informed about it.

We recently learned a rumor that said Take-Two was pressing Rockstar Games to launch games at a faster pace. Last year, a former member returned to the studio after leaving The Initiative, developer of Xbox Game Studios.

What do you think of the Rockstar situation? Do you think this anomaly will be resolved in the next few days? Tell us in the comments below.


Rajesh Vish
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