Top 10 Best Passive Abilities in League of Legends

League Of Legends

League of Legends has some genuinely incredible champions with amazing and unique active abilities, but it’s just as important to consider their passive ones – if not more so. Passive abilities can be more powerful than you think, and good uses of them can help secure a victory! Here are the top 10 examples of champions with the most powerful passives abilities.

  1. Aatrox – Deathbringer Stance

Aatrox’s passive is incredibly powerful, giving his next basic attack an extensive boost of range and damage on a short cooldown. It can be the difference between life and death in a close fight, and it gives Aatrox a lot of extra advantages in his lane.

  1. Ahri – Essence Theft

Ahri’s passive allows her to restore some of her health through the stacks gained from killing enemy minions or monsters. It is extremely useful for Ahri, as it will enable her to out-sustain the enemy laner and stay in lane for longer if needed as she can recover missing health frequently.

  1. Alistar – Triumphant Roar

Alistar’s passive gives him, and his teammate nearby a small health restore whenever he scores 7 stacks from either displacing an enemy champion or the death of a minion/non-epic monster nearby. That is extremely useful for Alistar, as it allows him to sustain himself in lane even against champions that can poke him a lot.

  1. Annie – Pyromania

Annie’s passive allows her to charge up her stun more quickly by landing abilities on enemies. It is extremely powerful, as it allows Annie to easily stun one or multiple enemies and set up kills for her team.

  1. Ashe – Frost Shot

Ashe’s passive applies a slowing effect to enemies that she hits with her basic attacks. That is extremely useful for Ashe, as it allows her to kite enemies or make it difficult for them to escape from her.

  1. Bard – Traveler’s Call

Bard’s passive allows him to collect chimes that grant him extra experience, movement speed, and damage. The more chimes Bard picks up, the stronger his attacks, range, and slow effect are. That is extremely powerful, as it allows Bard to roam and set up ganks for the Jungler successfully.

  1. Blitzcrank – Mana Barrier

Blitzcrank’s passive gives him a temporary shield for up to 10 seconds that absorbs damage when his health drops below a certain threshold. That can be the difference between life and death in a close fight, and it gives Blitzcrank a lot of extra survivability.

  1. Caitlyn – Headshot

Caitlyn’s passive gives her a chance to deal extra damage with her basic attacks. That is extremely useful for Caitlyn, as it allows her to poke the enemy down in lane and unexpectedly take down enemies with low health.

  1. Darius – Hemorrhage

Darius’ passive applies a stacking damage-over-time effect to enemies that he hits with his abilities, making Darius one of the most formidable team fighters. Once the enemy has 5 stacks on, Darius’ ultimate can do multiplied damage and one-shot the enemy champion. Once he gets a kill in a team fight, his ultimate cooldown resets completely, and the next target instantly gets marked with 5 stacks.

  1. Dr. Mundo – Goes Where He Pleases

Mundo’s passive periodically grants him immunity to the immobilizing effects of the next hostile spell to affect him and restores a proportion of his missing health every 5 seconds. That is extremely useful for Dr. Mundo, as it allows him to sustain himself in fights and stay alive for longer in combination with his ultimate Maximum Dosage.

These are just 10 examples of the best passive abilities of champions in League of Legends

There are many other powerful passives to be explored, so be sure to experiment with different champions and find one that suits your playstyle! And, if you’re looking to play on an account that already has every champion, why not visit BoostRoyal to pick up a great LoL account?