Total War: Warhammer III 2022 Roadmap Announced


Creative Assembly, the developers of Total WARHAMMER III, have released their 2022 road map. This new roadmap outlines the new content, updates, and bug fixes coming to the game. Here are some of the highlights of this new Total War: Warhammer III 2022:

The Q2 2022 update will fix several bugs and balance issues, as well as add new content. The Roadmap also mentions upcoming DLC, including Blood Pack III later this year, Regiments of Renown later in the year, and Immortal Empires DLC coming in the future. The game’s Assembly Kit will also be released later in Q3.

In addition to the 2022 road map, Creative Assembly has also revealed the patch 1.1 for Total W: Warhammer III. This patch focused on addressing issues with the campaign, but there are some other important additions on the horizon. Among these are the series-spanning Immortal Empires and tweaks to older races. The game’s next major update will focus on these additions.

In addition to these changes, CA has revealed that the upcoming update 1.3 will add some much-needed improvements to the game. One of these changes is the score table reset, which will eliminate players who have achieved the top positions illegally.

Also, First Regiments of Renown and the Total War Assembly Kit will be available for download, although it is currently unclear when these will arrive. A number of other changes have been announced for the game, but CA has not announced much more information.