4 Minutes of Skull and Bones Alpha Test Gameplay Leaked

Skull and Bones

A new 4 minutes Skull and Bones alpha test gameplay video has been leaked online. Earlier to this, a 6 minutes gameplay video was also leaked which later got removed from the internet.

The new leaked video from the Xbox alpha test of Skull and Bones was shared by a user on Reddit and it gives us a peek at the game’s core gameplay mechanics. You will also notice that it features excellent cinematics and short narration. While Skull and Bones have been in development for nearly a decade, it’s still far from being finished. While Ubisoft has since removed the footage, portals have been able to get some of its gameplay.

The video demonstrates how cooperative aspects of the game work. Players work together in teams to complete tasks and level up their reputation. In the video, players start as rookie pirates and gradually become more powerful and infamous as they complete missions. In Skull & Bones, you can play with your friends or solo. The gameplay can be either challenging or relaxing, depending on how you want to play it.

In this video, you can see that the game has a lot of similarities to the previous Assassin’s Creed titles. The game’s world is inspired by the Indian Ocean. It will allow players to embark on different contracts, customize their ships and upgrade their equipment. The contracts themselves are rewarding, but there are negative consequences to failing. Some contracts can only be completed by solo players, while others can be completed with the help of friends.

Earlier today, the official Skull and Bones Twitter account shared a teaser video confirming that the leak was real. You can out the official Tweet below.