Vesper: Zero Light Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch & PC

Vesper Zero Light

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. The Italian sci-fi adventure game is being brought to the hybrid platform of Kyoto house. This new version will include new game screens and artbook, as well as a preequilibrated experience. This version is also going to have improved performance.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is coming as a free update for Vesper on PC and will include the following.

  • Updated puzzles and level design
  • An unlockable Artbook with preliminary sketches and study
  • New in-game assets and sprites
  • Rebalanced gameplay

Moreover, a new DLC called Vesper: The Age of Zero Light – that features an exclusive book of the game that consists of a curated version of the in-game story, along with stills from cutscenes, ingame events, concept art sketches and a deep-lore timeline – will come out the same day, on 12th May 2022.

Here are some of the key features of Vesper: Zero Light Edition.

Key Features

  • Escape – Frantic chases from relentless machines force you to take decisions in the blink of an eye. Hide from your pursuers and sneak through enemy lines to reach your objective.
  • Absorb – Use the Drivegun to absorb light from sources and create dark spots in which you can hide. Inject absorbed light into machineries, to open portals and activate deadly traps.
  • Control – Control your opponents with light and dispose of them after have exploited their abilities. Take control of your destiny, and decide the future of the Android’s race.

Nintendo Switch version of the Vesper: Zero Light Edition is now available for pre0rder from for $7.99. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam from here.

The game is a sci-fi adventure that is based on an android. The player controls an android named Seven as he makes his way across a decaying world. You can influence the fate of your race by making the right choices and deciding to act.

The story revolves around Seven’s quest to find a Drive Gun, an artifact that absorbs light and creates darkness. The game is full of relentless machines and requires quick decisions.