Trials of Mana Remake Demo Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch & PS4

Trials of Mana Remake

Lovers of Seiken Densetsu, a series known as Mana in the West, must be very happy because the remake of the third installment, Trials of Mana, will be released shortly. Still missing to play the adventure of Duran and company, but apparently the wait could be less heavy, as clues indicate that the title will have a demo.

We know this thanks to the additions to the PlayStation Store Gamstat on the site, a demo for this title appeared. On the page you can see the record of the standard edition, as well as that of the demos for the regions of America, Asia, Europe, and Japan, so, if this information is true, the demo would be available practically worldwide.

The title will debut until April 24, so it is not known if the demo would arrive at the same time or if it would be available before the premiere. On the other hand, you should know that Trials of Mana will also come to Nintendo Switch and PC, so it is very likely that, if the demo exists, it could also appear on these last 2 platforms.

Something that is important to note is that Square Enix has not revealed any demo, so we recommend you take this information with a pinch of salt and not get excited until it becomes a reality. Something that will make fans of this Square Enix series happy is that the title will feature an incredible Collector’s edition.

Trials of Mana will release on April 24 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Are you excited to know more about Trials of Mana? Would you like to play the game before its release? Tell us in the comments below.

Rajesh Vish
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