Elden Ring: How to Get Uchigatana Katana?

Elden Ring Katana

The Elden Ring’s katana can be obtained by locating the Warmaster’s Shack. This place is located in the Deathtouched Catacombs, where players can also find the Site of Grace. Once inside, the tunnel leads to an area where the Uchigatana can be found. Once inside, the player should go down a short flight of stairs to reach a room with a statue.

How to Get Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring?

You can find the Uchigatana Katana in the Deathtouched Catacombs dungeon. The catacombs have several hidden paths and a boss you can fight. While exploring the dungeon, be aware that the camera may tilt. When you see a body, you will be able to get the Uchigatana. If you’re using an emote, be sure to turn it around.

Once you’ve got the emote, the next step is to equip the katana. You’ll need to get to a dungeon where there are corpses and loot them. Then, you’ll need to kill the corpses and collect the Uchigatana, but be careful and avoid getting hit.

The Uchigatana is the first weapon you’ll find. You’ll find it hanging from a dead body. The best way to get it is to kill the skeleton that has been hanging over the side. The Uchigatana can be dual-wielded. It can also be upgraded as you play the game. The Elden Ring is full of weapons, so you can upgrade your weapons as you progress.

Uchigatana Katana
Uchigatana Katana

Once you’ve gotten your Elden Ring, you can move on to the next step. The Uchigatana is the second item that you can equip, so it’s best to use it for melee combat. You can also equip it with a shield. You’ll need to equip an Elden Ring to equip it. In the game, this Elden ring is located in the Deathtouched Catacombs, which can be reached at the beginning of the adventure.

If you want to use a katana with the Elden Ring, you need to find a corpse in the Deathtouched Catacombs. Obtaining the Uchigatana katana is an essential skill in the game. You need to have 11 Strengths and 15 Dexterity to use it. If you have these attributes, you’ll be able to fight with this katana.

If you’re looking to improve your Dexterity, you should get this Katana. This weapon is the best choice for melee playstyles. However, it’s easy to overlook, so be careful. The blade has a sharp point that can be used for almost any purpose. In addition to melee combat, it’s also excellent for ranged combat.

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