Why Vingo App Works the Best with In-Built Sensors


Of all the online running/cycling apps available right now, Vingo is one of the most used and widely appreciated apps. The app comes with a lot of cool features and with it your journey to fitness becomes more than easy.

The app has been designed to make your indoor exercise more fun and productive. We all know that the app connects with the latest treadmills and cycles but how is it beneficial to us? What definitive advantage does a simple in-built sensor provide over a third-party ANT+ sensor? Read in detail in the following blog. 

Built-in Sensors Make It Easy to Connect

The app works the best and connects easily with the in-built ANT+ sensors in exercise equipment. This tiny piece of hardware allows you to connect your phone with your treadmill or exercise bike. Also, you can connect your earphones and AirPods with your phone too. Normally, connecting more than two devices at once is not possible via Bluetooth. But, with the ANT+ sensors, you can connect any number of devices you want with your phone.

Once the app pairs with your equipment, it will maintain that connection for as long as you want. All you have to do is turn on your Bluetooth around your equipment, and you’re done.

Get All Information in the Dashboard

The dashboard in the Vingo app is where you can access all the information you need. You can check up on your Speed, Cadence, Calories burned, Heart Rate, etc. right on the app’s dashboard. This prevents you from breaking your exercise cycle and checking up on your progress all the time. You can focus on your exercise instead.

This, again, is made possible with the ANT+ sensors. They are enabled with precision monitoring software that constantly monitors your movements on your equipment, be it your treadmill or your exercise bike.

Responsive Resistance on Bikes Depending on Terrain

With the state-of-the-art sensors, you can do much more than monitoring your movements. The app will also make your exercise more challenging by varying the difficulty level of your training. The sensors can add responsive resistance in your screen, depending on the terrain you exercise on.

For example, if you choose a map with rough terrain, the app will show you the toughness of the tracks by varying your speed on the screen. If you are on a hard, off-road track, you will feel the ruggedness on your screen, with your avatar making more effort to push through. This method of psychological toughness is proven to work wonders in exercises. You can push your limits better this way too.

Automatic Inclination on Treadmills As Per the Terrain

Also, you can feel the variations of inclination on your treadmill with this run go app. It works just the same as the responsive resistance. Only now, you can feel the slants and rises too.

The virtual reality exercises with the app are amazing for beginners who want to get in shape easily. try it out, you will get addicted to this new phenomenon.