Xbox Game Studios Are Reportedly Working on 20 Games, Here’s The List

Xbox Game Studios

As you all know, today there will be the first monthly appointment of the new Microsoft format dedicated to the Xbox Game Studios division which will be called 20/20. According to announcements made recently and also by Phil Spencer, every month this show that is entirely dedicated to gaming will take place where the most important news from the Xbox world will be shown.

In the meantime, however, a YouTuber has tried to understand the possible “second meaning” that lies behind “20/20” by drawing up his own theory. The Youtuber, Colteastwood, believes that the name “20/20” chosen by Microsoft means the arrival of 20 titles of Xbox Game Studios in the current year, which is 2020.

As Spencer has already confirmed, all the studios of the internal division are working on games for the future Xbox Series X. But what all games are currently in development? According to Colteastwood, the first titles we will see on the next console will be as following:

  1. Halo Infinite;
  2. Gears Tactics;
  3. Gears 6;
  4. A new IP of Compulsion Games;
  5. Wasteland 3 and the new inXile RPG;
  6. Everwild;
  7. An RPG of Obsidian and Perfect Dark;
  8. Tell Me Why;
  9. Sea of ​​Thieves (new updates);
  10. State of Decay 3;
  11. Forza Horizon 5;
  12. Forza Motorsport 8;
  13. Fable;
  14. A new IP of Double Fine;
  15. Flight Simulator 2020;
  16. Minecraft Dungeons and new Minecraft updates;
  17. Age of Empires 4;
  18. Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2;
  19. Obsidian RPG.

This is the list of games that should make up the first group of video games to be released in 2020. However, it can be noted that Grounded, a project created by Obsidian, is missing in this special “ranking”. In addition, Colteastwood has always declared himself a fan of Microsoft, admitting himself to be biased.

We will just have to wait for this evening and find out which are the first games that Xbox has on its list.

Rajesh Vish
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