Xbox Series X Production Begins, France In Priority List for Stock

Microsoft Xbox X Series

Unfortunately, it is still unclear when the next-generations of consoles in the form of the PS5 or Xbox Series X will ultimately be ushered in.

According to current rumors, the two companies should provide clarity in the coming weeks. In addition to these rumors, the editors of the French website Xboxygen want everyone to know that the production of the Xbox Series X has already started. It is also said that France will be one of the priority countries for the launch of the Xbox Series X, which will be supplied with the new generation Xbox.

These statements are supported by Ina Gelbert, Xbox Director for the French market. While she did not want to confirm the ongoing production of the Xbox Series X, she emphasized in a current statement the importance of the French market. “We have the units for the launch. France is in the priority countries. Now, will we have enough … This is always a big question, and this is where we enter into discussions for us,” says Gelbert.

And further, she stated that: “It is my role, to favor France over to other countries. Show that we have the community, that we have the market, that there are huge expectations around the Xbox Series X in France and that we need units to cover this demand. The choice we made on this launch is to be present in more countries than at the launch of the Xbox One. Today I do not see a risk for France. But if tomorrow, a few days before the launch, there is a huge containment in the world … we can not do much.”

As a sticking point in negative terms, the current coronavirus crisis could turn out, which in the worst case could lead to the production of the new console being delayed. The new console of Microsoft will be released according to current plans in this year’s Christmas business.

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