Could Xbox Series X Release in November 2020?

Microsoft Xbox X Series

With the panorama full of uncertainty generated by the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that has resulted in cancellations, suspensions and delays, the launch of the new generation consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, was just as uncertain. Fortunately, both Microsoft and Sony have already confirmed that the debut date still stands. Microsoft users should be happier, as Microsoft detailed recently when its new console might be available.

Through the official Xbox website, the company revealed that the Xbox Series X, the next-gen console, will debut on Thanksgiving Day 2020, a popular holiday in the United States. This year, this celebration will take place on Thursday, November 26.


Something important to note is that this information is according to the official Microsoft English site in India. We say this because the date is not the same in other regions. For example, on the official site of Europe the Autumn/Winter launch window is appearing, while on the United States the date remains for Holiday 2020.

Put another way, it appears this track could point to a November release. However, there is still no clear information. In fact, according to information from Geoff Keighley, some sources have indicated to him that after this, the scheduled release date is still “Holidays 2020”, and that an announcement of a debut date is not expected.

A short time later, Larry Hryb, better known to the Xbox community as Major Nelson, clarified that the official Xbox site in some regions is displaying inaccurate information about the launch of Xbox Series X and reiterated that the debut is still scheduled for “Holiday 2020”. We will keep you informed.

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