Xbox Series X Size Compared To a Fridge & Banana

Microsoft Xbox X Series

If you are one of those who believe that size matters, then surely you were with the concern about the size of Xbox Series X, the new Microsoft console. Until then, nothing was known about its dimensions, but after the wave of information we received recently, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series X will be much smaller than a refrigerator and only a few centimeters larger than a banana.

Through the official Xbox account, Microsoft shared with its followers that the Xbox Series X will be 30.1 centimeters tall; 15.1 centimeters wide and 15.1 centimeters long, thus confirming that it is a rectangular prism.

If you don’t dimension this, then it might be useful to compare it with everyday objects. The same Xbox account shared another image in which a refrigerator is used as a reference in much the same way as the new Microsoft console. As you can see below, the refrigerator is much larger than the next-gen console, at 76.2 cm long, 63.5 cm wide, and 177.8 cm high.


This is obvious for those who have been watching the news of the new Microsoft console, but if you are one of those who have not, then you should know that Microsoft used a refrigerator as a reference after the similarity that fans found between the Xbox Series X and a refrigerator when it was revealed last December.

Shortly thereafter, gamers linked the console’s design to that of a refrigerator, and viral console assemblies were made to double as this appliance in kitchen images, like the one below.


Beyond that curious reference, Austin Evans, renowned tech youtuber, had the opportunity to interact with the console and shared a comparative image of the size of the console in relation to a banana.

This time no details were given on the dimensions, but, judging by the image, it is a mature one, so it should be in the range of 15 cm to 17 cm. We leave you with the comparison below.

As you can imagine, the community was in charge of taking the comic moment further.

Now that you have seen these comparisons, tell us, do you have a better idea of ​​the size of the Xbox Series X? Do you think the dimensions are adequate to house so much technological power?

Xbox Series X is coming sometime in this year’s party season.

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