AMD Threadripper PRO 5000 Series Specifications Leaked Ahead of Launch

AMD Threadripper PRO 5000

AMD is soon going to launch its Threadripper PRO 5000 series of SKUs based on Zen3 architecture for the sWRX8 socket. Yesterday, we just got to know that the new Threadripper PRO 5000 series which is likely to include five new SKUs will officially launch on March 8, 2022. Now, ahead of its official launch and announcements, the key specs of the upcoming Threadripper PRO 5000 series of SKUs have been leaked online. Igor’sLAB has published a spec sheet of the upcoming workstation CPUs from AMD.

The specs sheet lists the OPN codes and their corresponding specifications for the upcoming Threadripper PRO 5000 series five SKUs. According to the specs sheet, it confirms that AMD has planned to launch 64, 32, 24, 16, and even 12-core CPUs under the new Threadripper PRO 5000 series. For each of the CPUs, its shows a typical TDP of 280W, but their P0 power ranges from 170W to 260W.

Whereas, the max clocks for each SKU vary from 2700 MHz to 4100 MHz for the ‘base’ clock with a maximum boost clock up to 4550 MHz for each of those CPUs. The list, also reveals the upcoming CPUs to feature up to 8-channel DDR4-3200 memory and is more than likely to feature 128 lanes support for PCIe Gen4 standard.

More details you can find on the screenshot of the leaked specs sheet below.

Threadripper PRO 5000 Specs
AMD Threadripper PRO 5000WX Series, Source: Igor Wallosek

AMD is expected to unveil the new Threadripper PRO 5000 series at CES 2022 during a special press conference on January 4th next month.