Blizzard Shares Diablo IV Construct Build Strategies for Season 3, Out January 23

Diablo IV

In “Diablo IV,” Season 3, known as the “Season of the Construct,” brings a host of new features and gameplay mechanics, set to go live on January 23, 2024. As shared by Blizzard dev, season 3 introduces a new questline along with the introduction of the Seneschal Companion, a unique ally for players and three lethal builds to explore treacherous Vaults.

Season of the Construct Overview

  1. New Questline – Zoltun Kulle’s Legacy:
    • The season’s focus is on Constructs, featuring a new set of construct enemies.
    • The questline takes place in Gatehall, a town beneath Kehjistan, which serves as the base for players battling the Constructs.
  2. Seneschal Companion:
    • During the Seasonal questline, players gain access to the Seneschal, a new companion that directly engages in fights.
    • The Seneschal can be customized with Governing and Turning Stones, which are obtained from Vaults and other locations in Sanctuary.
  3. Dungeons – Vaults:
    • Vaults, a new type of dungeon located below Kehjistan, present elemental hazards and constructs.
    • Players can collect valuable rewards by maintaining Zoltun’s Warding throughout the dungeon and defeating the Vault Boss.
  4. The Gauntlet and Leaderboards:
    • A new dungeon mechanic called The Gauntlet will be introduced, allowing players to compete for top spots on weekly leaderboards.
    • The Gauntlet will be released later in the season, providing time for players to adapt to the new season mechanics.
  5. Quality of Life Improvements:
    • The season includes enhanced movement with W-A-S-D for PC players, an extra stash tab, improvements to Helltide, and other UI enhancements.

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Construct Build Strategies

  1. Bushwack Gyrate Lieutenant (Recommended for Sorcerer, Rogue):
    • Governing Stone: Bushwack with Tuning Stones like Arcing Support and Frigid Support.
    • The build focuses on the Seneschal Companion teleporting to enemies, attracting them while the player deals damage from a distance.
  2. Autodefense Lightning Vortex (Recommended for Barbarian, Druid):
    • Governing Stone: Autodefense with Tuning Stones like Gripping Support.
    • This build amplifies area-of-effect attacks and pulls enemies towards the Seneschal, ideal for melee-focused characters.
  3. Fire Tempest Accelerant (Recommended for Necromancer, Rogue):
    • Governing Stone: Tempest with Tuning Stones like Arcing Support and Duration Support.
    • It benefits classes that deal high damage-per-second, with the Tempest Stone increasing in strength as it leaps to new enemies.


Season 3 of Diablo IV introduces innovative gameplay elements and build strategies, encouraging players to experiment with new mechanics and optimize their combat style. The introduction of the Seneschal Companion and Vaults adds depth to the gameplay, providing fresh challenges and strategic opportunities.


  • When does Diablo IV Season 3 start?
    • Season 3 begins on January 23, 2024.
  • What is the Seneschal Companion in Diablo IV?
    • It’s a new companion that players can customize and use in battles.
  • What are the Vaults in Diablo IV Season 3?
    • Vaults are new types of dungeons that feature elemental hazards and construct enemies.