Building Has Returned to the Fortnite


Epic Games has announced that building has returned to the Fortnite game. This feature was removed from the game during its first season, but the developer has since provided alternate builds and quest lines. As the mechanic became overpowered, the competition among players to build taller and faster has gotten out of control. As a result, players who don’t possess any building skills are severely handicapped in the game. As such, fans who are excellent at the art of building have been fighting to bring it back to the game.

The return of building is welcomed news for many Fortnite players, who have been missing this feature since the game’s initial launch. However, there were some who were disappointed when the feature was disabled.

Epic Games has confirmed that it will return to the game in a few weeks. In the meantime, players will still be able to enjoy the game’s Zero Build mode. Those who missed the building feature will be pleased to learn that the game’s building mechanics have been tweaked.

For now, building is only available in competitive and Team Rumble playlists, and will eventually be removed from normal mode. In a few days, Epic will release an update that will allow players to access the feature again. This update will also include the new Overshield feature, which will make it more accessible to all players.