Chuwi Unveils World’s First Laptop MiniBook X With a Hole Punch Camera Display: Press Release

MiniBook X

Chuwi is preparing to release a new MiniBook X windows laptop, a freshly optimized and thoroughly enhanced version of the MiniBook. The MiniBook series appears to be going to become a lot more popular, based on the excitement it’s currently generating.

The Intel 11th Celeron N5100 CPU in the MiniBook X includes 10nm manufacturing technology, quad-core, and four threads, new Tremont microarchitecture, and a 10W thermal power consumption design that increases power while cutting consumption. The MiniBook X excels in document editing, basic video creation, and current gaming, with next-generation Intel UHD Graphics making it simple to decode 4K video and play online games fluently.

MiniBook X has a 10.8-inch hole-punch display with 2K retina quality, a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, and a 16:10 aspect ratio for a stunningly immersive viewing experience. Chuwi has also introduced YOGA Mode to the MiniBook X, providing it the dual-purpose capabilities of a laptop and a tablet, as well as the ability to swiftly switch back and forth.

MiniBook X can boot up in seconds, get to work faster, and multitask without breaking a sweat thanks to its great LPDDR4X 12GB RAM and 512GB high-speed SSD storage. It has a full-featured Type-C interface that allows 45W PD 2.0 rapid charging as well as video, audio, and data transfer.

MiniBook X is poised to build on MiniBook’s success and push ultra-thin, ultra-powerful UMPCs to the next level, thanks to innovative features like its hole-punch display, Yoga Mode, and other amazing specifications. MiniBoox X will soon be available only on Chuwi’s official site for an expected price of $599.