COD Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 New Locations and Changes Detailed


There are many new locations and changes coming to COD: Warzone season 3. These include the Dig Site (points of interest) between the ruins and the mine, which is home to giant serpentine creatures. The Dig Site provides good loot and a chance to obtain Contracts. In addition, the Runway, Lagoon, and Peak have all been renewed. All of these locations are highly accessible from all areas.

This new season 3 of content will be available with the latest update 1.17 to both games: for Vanguard on April 26 at 9 AM PT, and for Warzone on April 27 at 9 AM PT.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 is on the way, and the developers have already announced tons of details in a lengthy blog post on the official Call of Duty website. Among other things, the next update will feature Godzilla and King Kong, and it will include the Caldera island. However, it will be interesting to see how these two legendary monsters will change the map.

Here are the changes made in Season 3 of COD Warzone, as well as how you can overcome them:

1. Can you Dig It? As a new area, Dig Site can easily become a point of interest with high energy. Beam enemies from cover as you move through the inner dig site tents, towers, bones, and shack, taking a glance up at the excavators to see if any snipers are taking position on the conveyor belts.Use the skulls, rib cages, and other bones throughout the Dig Site as solid cover against enemy attacks. While they could be easily crushed by a titan’s stomp or well-placed giant stone, they are still strong enough to stop enemy attacks.

2. Double Black-Diamond Peak. Dropping in on Peak can be a daunting yet rewarding start to your Battle Royale match. Stick together with your squadmates, communicate often, and check every building – old or new – for Supply Boxes and items that could help with survival.Long-range weaponry can help lock down the new vehicle tunnels and outdoor areas. Meanwhile, when travelling within the stronghold buildings, consider finding an SMG, shotgun, or fast-firing assault rifle to clear rooms.

3. A Clear Tarmac. The Runway’s seclusion and natural cover are no more. In its place, Operators should search the hangers and new buildings for items, take to guard towers to scout ahead for enemies, and above all else, not run out in the open where the tall grass, fauna, and trees used to conceal movement.

4. Hold Your Fire. The Hold’s small symmetrical design encourages Operators to check lanes with equipment before revealing their position. Even if you catch a glimpse of an enemy, consider waiting to take the first shot until they are truly unaware of your presence.

5. No Box Unopened. With Perks being added in the update, finding and opening Supply Boxes during the mid-game could become a more viable strategy for victory. Learn where they are usually located and listen to their hum; the best scavengers may be rewarded with valuable Perks.

Each season, Raven Software makes an update to the item pool, changing what Operators can find in Supply Boxes or on the ground around Caldera. One of the biggest additions this season is a new lootable item type: Perks.

As of this update, the following Perks can be found as Legendary Rarity loot:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Engineer
  • High Alert
  • Restock
  • Tempered
  • Quick Fix
  • Scavenger
  • Pointman (Plunder Exclusive)

New Contract: Sabotage

In this Season, the new Sabotage Contract will increase the risk-reward of travelling across Caldera on wheels or in the air.

After picking up a Sabotage Contract, an Operator and their squad will be given a vehicle target somewhere on the map. Take out this vehicle within the time limit for a Cash bonus, an increased Contract Level, and an Armored Truck Deployment.

Updates to Ricochet anti-cheat system

Today, the PC kernel-level anti-cheat security driver from #TeamRICOCHET will release globally for Call of Duty: Vanguard. You can find more details on the updated Ricochet anti-cheat system here.

COD: Warzone and Vanguard are two different games, though they share the same seasonal themes. The seasonal themes began in February. The seasonal updates will continue for the Vanguard game, too. Season 3 of the game will bring new features and map changes. Additionally, there will be new rewards for Ranked Play. So, keep up with the new content! Please check out the new maps and events for the best experience!

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