Sifu Free Updates Roadmap Announced, New Difficulty Options, New Game Mode and More

The upcoming free Sifu update roadmap reveals lots of new contents for the game including, new difficulty mode, new outfits, and game modifiers.

Sifu Updates

The Sifu free updates roadmap has been revealed, and there are many things you can expect from the next few months. In addition to adding outfits and difficulty options, the Fall update will also include new game modes and platforms, including Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. In addition, the Winter update will bring new content in the form of Arenas, game modes in which players battle hordes of enemies. This will definitely be a game worth playing over again.

The first content update for Sifu will contain a special gift for all Deluxe holders – the Young Man Suit.

The roadmap is divided into seasons, which will introduce new difficulty levels. There will also be a new game mode later in the year. Sloclap is looking forward to releasing free updates for the game in the coming months. While the developer hasn’t mentioned the exact timing of the new content, Sifu will receive at least four updates this year.

Sifu will also get new outfits and a replay feature in the Fall and Winter 2022 updates. Additionally, Sifu will get a new game mode called Arenas. A lot of the outfits will be available for players with Deluxe Editions. The developers have also announced that they’ll be making an exclusive outfit for Deluxe Edition owners. In all, there are many new features on the horizon for Sifu.

Sifu Free Updates Roadmap

Below you can find the complete road map of Sifu upcoming updates.

Spring 2022 (May 3)

  • Difficulty Options
    • Student
    • Disciple
    • Master
  • Advanced Training
  • Outfit Selection including Young Man Suit

Summer 2022

  • Advanced Scoring
  • Gameplay Modifiers
    • No Pendant
    • One Health Point
    • No Guard
    • Stronger Enemies
    • Golden Staff
    • All Skills unlocked
    • Bullet Time
  • New Outfits

Fall 2022

  • Replay Editor
  • New Modifiers
  • New Outfits

Winter 2022

  • New Game Mode: Arenas
  • New Modifiers
  • New Outfits

While the game has had a long history of modded skins, the recent addition of an official cosmetic skin is a welcome addition. The first official skin in Sifu will be a flashy suit. The designer of the outfit has called it the “Young Man Suit,” and it is available only to Deluxe Edition players. Sloclap has promised more skins in the future, but you can’t get them all just yet.