Floppy Knights Launches on May 24 for Xbox One and PC and Mac

Floppy Knights

A game that mixes card-game mechanics with tactics, Floppy Knights launches for Xbox One and PC and Mac via Steam on May 24. This action-adventure title features hand-drawn visuals, three decks and turn-based battles. You can equip your floppy knight with armour and HP, or boost him up with buffs. The game is free to download and available on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

In the game, Phoebe will fight for the survival of her school’s annual science fair. To do that, she must defeat her evil nemesis, Alex, and the cyborg knock-off robot, Snarlton.

Phoebe must also win the Gadget Cup, and get her parents off her back by winning first place cash prizes. Along the way, Phoebe will face a haunted forest and an icy cavern prone to cave-in.

While Floppy Knights may seem reminiscent of a RPG, the gameplay itself is very different. This turn-based game incorporates magic and retro technology. The game’s visuals feature lush vegetation, icy caves, and fog-filled forests.

Despite the game’s simplicity, Floppy Knights features a rich variety of playstyles and infinite possibilities. The floppy characters have a unique approach to combat, and you can take them on in many ways, making them a perfect addition to your collection.