DuckTales QuackShots Announced by Monster Boy Developers

DuckTales QuackShots

DuckTales QuackShots seems to be a new project announced by FDG Entertainment, the team behind the recent and excellent Monster Boy, at least judging by a short tweet published by the official studio on Twitter with a lot of screenshots.

Yes, because deciding to announce a new game on April 1st, in addition to a simple message on Twitter, is not really the best way to lighten ideas, since the first thing that comes to mind is that it might just be a joke. The fact is that on the basis of these images, this DuckTales QuackShots seems practically a dream come true for all fans of the Disney series and the originals of the 16-bit era and the graphic characterization, also suitable for the new style of the series that really seems remarkable.

Along with this, the company presented the first screenshots of the novelty, the project is created on the basis of the visual style of the recent restart of the animated series from Disney.

Even the title is unclear: the FDG team talks about DuckTales and QuackShot together and in fact, it would be a sort of cross-over between two different titles, although obviously based on the same Disney universe in terms of protagonists.

In short, we should take this announcement with due precaution because there are many possibilities that it might be just a joke, but if it is real, it would really be a title to keep an eye on with great interest, also because it seems truly remarkable in quality.

Unfortunately, this all can turn out to be a cruel April Fools’ joke. Let’s hope this is a real game, and the publisher is not mocking the players by presenting it on April Fool’s Day. What do you think about this title? Tell us in the comments below.

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