Gigabyte Unveils New UDM1000GM PG5 1000W PSU

UD1000GM PG5

Gigabyte has announced its new UDM1000GM PG5 1000W power source unit (PSU), which comes with 80+ Gold performance certification and a modular design that makes it easier to use. The unit uses PCIe Gen5 connectors, a new standard for PSUs. The new PSU is the first of its kind to be PCIe Gen5 compatible, and it supports both high-end and mid-range motherboards.

Gigabyte has teased its new PSU with a PCIe Gen 5 connector on its product page. The PSU will have a 12+4-pin cable and 600 watts of output. It also features a modular design and 80 PLUS Gold certification.

The power supply has 120mm fans, a smart semi-passive fan, and Japanese capacitors. The UDM1000GM power supply is expected to ship in April, and the company has not revealed any pricing or launch date yet.

The power supply has been updated to support PCIe 5.0. The new generation has twice the bandwidth and transfer rate as the previous generation.

It supports up to 32 GT/s and 3.94 GB/s. The standard is officially named “12VHPWR” but the confusion has spread throughout the manufacturer market. This PSU is a variation of the previous UDM1000GM and is equipped with a single 12+4-pin cable.

There is currently no information on the pricing or release date for the UDM1000GM PG5 power supply.

Source: Gigabyte