God Of War Ragnarok Patch v. 04.01 Released Fixing a Number of NG+ Related Issues

God Of War Ragnarok

Since the game’s merchandise was successful in November 2022, Santa Monica Studio has launched a couple of updates for God of War Ragnarok, chiefly aimed at fixing issues and different bugs. More recently, the developer launched a large update for the title that came with New Game+, new pieces of equipment, an accrued level cap, and a variety of different improvements.

Now that the massive New Game+ update has been out for a week, a new God Of War Ragnarok v. 04.01 patch has been released on PlayStation consoles to address some of the bugs and glitches that players have been experiencing. The 235MB patch is primarily aimed at fixing some of the problems that have been reported by players.

One of the main issues that the patch aims to fix is with the new equipment that players received with the New Game+ update. The patch notes for the update say that this new equipment is not interacting with trophy unlocks appropriately, which is causing some issues.

In addition to this, the update also aims to fix certain trophies that are not unlocked for some players. These trophies include the Ready for Commitment, Dragon Slayer, and Phalanx trophies.

Several other issues have been addressed as well, including a bug that prevented the Darkdale Waist Guard or Risen Snow Armor from being upgraded past level 9 in New Game+ and a rare crash that may occur when loading save files. Additionally, some quest resources like Lindwyrm Scales and Sovereign Coals that were not rewarded upon completion in NG+ have been fixed.