Greedfall 2: The Dying World Announced, Coming to PC & Console in 2024

Greedfall 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning survival game Greedfall has finally been announced. Greedfall 2 will be set three years before the events of the original game, and players will again take on the role of uprooted Gacane or Teer Fradee natives. The game will require players to use combat skills and cunning to survive in this world ravaged by wars.

The game will continue the same formula that made the first game such a hit. It will focus on the story and choices of the player, and it will feature new gameplay as well. The world of GreedFall is already huge and populated with a wide range of character types, so expect a lot of excitement from fans. It’s a thrilling ride for anyone who loves RPG games.

“We are very excited to reveal GreedFall 2 to everyone, the new game from Spiders,” said Alain Falc, CEO of NACON. “Many fans across the world were begging for this sequel, and we are delighted to be publishing this new game that these fans are sure to love. We also hope it will appeal to new players and all fans of role-playing games, great stories, action and fantasy.”

“While we were working on Steelrising, our love of the GreedFall universe never faded, and so we are thrilled to be returning to it,” said Jehanne Rousseau, Founder and Director of Spiders development studio. “In this new chapter, players will explore the old continent with its bigger and more diverse environments. They will meet new companions and new factions, and I hope they will have unforgettable adventures.”

Greedfall 2 Release Date

The sequel to GreedFall, based on the same universe, will be released in 2024. It will be available on consoles and PC.

The release date for both platforms isn’t yet confirmed, but it’s slated for 2024. Although there are no details regarding the game’s platform, developers say it will be available on Xbox One and PC. And the game’s developer, Spiders, has a new game called Steelrising in development that will follow the original.

The first GreedFall game sold over two million copies, and its sequel will continue the formula with a focus on the story and player choices. This RPG game will feature tactical combat, and a new time line. This time period means that GreedFall 2 will have to change some things as well. While the first game was set in the same time, GreedFall 2 will take place three years before GreedFall 1.