Mars Tactics Coming to Steam in 2023

Mars Tactics

In the year 2023, the turn-based tactical RPG Mars Tactics is coming to Steam. This game is set on Mars, after the discovery of a new element and the energy crisis on Earth. There are two factions – the Hellion Corporation and the Labor movement. As you play, you’ll develop and improve your soldiers. You can play as an astronaut or a soldier.

Mars Tactics features squad management in which player units increase in size and skills based on their battlefield experience. For instance, snipers and other troops will develop with time, depending on their level of training and equipment.

On Mars, resources are scarce, so player units must collect weapons from nearby corpses or find other means to buy them. In addition to weapons and armor, players can use airstrikes to destroy enemy fortresses, as well as cannons and armored vehicles.

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The game will be able to support up to five players. In addition to multiplayer, this game will feature single-player and multiplayer modes. The first one has a surprisingly high level of difficulty, but it’s certainly not hard to get into the action. If you’re looking for a new turn-based strategy game, Mars Tactics will be a good fit. The game’s underlying theme of survival is a bit dark, but the rewards are worth it.