GTA 6 Release: Take-Two Shuts Down Rumors of New GTA Game Coming in 2020


The publisher of Grand Theft Auto series, Take-Two Interactive, has confirmed that GTA 6 will take atleast more than a year to release, during an earnings call of the company yesterday.

For a few years now, the fans of GTA have been impatiently waiting for the slightest information concerning a forthcoming chapter of GTA 6. There have been many leaks that have often been unreliable, suggesting in particular that the game was at 70% of its development, while other reports claimed that the game was still in the first stages of development.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, revealed in the same conference that the coming year, from April 2020 to March 2021, will be “light” for the studio, which will mainly focus on GTA Online and Red Dead Online updates. The further plan promises to be more interesting – this includes the release of a total of 93 games over the next 5 years.

Given that there was a five-year gap between GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, so it could be possible that we may be able to consider a similar schedule for the next Grand Theft Auto, which would give us a release year in 2023.

It is speculated that the decision to move the launch of GTA 6 may have been considered because of the success of GTA Online. The latest action of the Epic Games Store by providing free GTA V to players meant that production has gained new life, and servers are even burning from the excess community. It is worth mentioning that Red Dead Online is also doing very well.

In any case, the devoted fans of the franchise are hoping that this game will not arrive so late, but the comments of Zelnick clearly indicates that we will not be playing GTA 6 this year. GTA 5 is still working very well, and, therefore, Rockstar will continue to take its time to develop the next installment of Grand Theft Auto 6, in order to deliver the best possible game for players.

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