Here’s The List of 28 Variants of Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Laptop GPUs

Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Laptop GPUs

It has been possible to find out how many variants of Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Mobile GPUs are out there in the market, and there are a whopping 28 graphics cards.

NVIDIA has made it possible to create a total of 28 variants of GeForce RTX 30 mobile graphics cards so far, and customers themselves will have to look for which one their chosen laptop offers, and of course best before purchasing it. Awareness of laptop manufacturers is rather poor and it is not clear whether and when it will improve.

If we find in the specifications, for example, that the notebook uses GeForce RTX 3080 with 8 GB of memory, then we will not know whether it is an 80W or 150W version, between which there maybe about a third difference in performance.

If we look at the current offer of companies such as Asus, MSI, or Gigabyte, we will find that these manufacturers have so far ignored the NVIDIA challenge. NVIDIA wants them to state in the specifications at least the consumption of used graphics cards and preferably also a possible list of technologies falling under Max-Q.

Here we have a list of different versions of RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 laptop GPUs that may appear on the market.

RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q603,8408171,28219212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q653,8409751,35719212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q703,8401,0501,40219212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU803,8409001,42519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU853,8401,0351,48519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU903,8401,1631,53019214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU953,8401,2151,56719214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1003,8401,2671,60519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1053,8401,3051,64219214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1103,8401,3421,68019214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1153,8401,3871,70219214
RTX 3060 Founders Edition1703,5841,3201780192 bits15 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q805,1207801290256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q855,1208551365256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q905,1209301410256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1155,1201.1101,560256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1205,1201,1701,590256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1255,1201,2151,620256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 Founders Edition2205,8881,5001730192 bits15 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q806,1447801245256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q856,1448701320256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q906,1449301365256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1156,1441.1101,545256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1206,1441,1551,575256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1256,1441,1851,605256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1306,1441,2301,635256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1356,1441,2601,665256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1406,1441,2751,665256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1456,1441,3201,695256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1506,1441,3501,710256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 Founders Edition3208,7041,4401,710320 bits19 Gbps

* OEMs can provide the GPU with an additional 5, 10 or 15 watts via Dynamic Boost 2.0, which the CPU would otherwise be entitled to. The maximum available electrical power for the 3080, 3070 and 3060 in the notebook is 165, 140 and 130 watts.

These are only three SKUs, of which 28 variants were created, and we still have the desktop version of the Founders Edition in the table for comparison. And as you can see, there are also different versions in terms of power consumption, GPU clock, and memory. And the list doesn’t make any difference to how Dynamic Boost technology is used, which can add an additional 5 to 20 watts to the GPU.

So good luck choosing a new gaming laptop.


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