Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPUs Launched

Arc Pro A-Series
Image Courtesy: Intel

Intel today announced the launch of its new Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPUs. The new GPUs will be available starting later this year and are made for professionals as well as gamers.

With a new GPU lineup, Intel is targeting professional users, including architects and 3D artists. The Arc Pro A-Series will be targeted for desktop workstations, but will compete against rival products from AMD and Nvidia. Read on for more information on the new graphics card line.

The Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPU range will feature three new models. The first, the A40, is a single-slot graphics card with 3.5 teraflops of graphical performance. The next model, the A50, has 4.8 teraflops of graphics power and six GB of memory. It is designed for traditional workstations but can also be used in laptops and other small form factor PCs. There is also, the third one, the Intel Arc Pro A30M GPU for mobile form factors.

The graphics cards will feature up to four gigabytes of GDDR6 video memory and will be built with a TSMC 6-nanometer process. The Arc Pro A-Series GPUs will feature four cores, eight ray-tracing cores, and four GB of GDDR6 memory.

These workstation GPUs will also include four Mini DisplayPorts, making them ideal for media and entertainment applications. The Arc Pro A30M GPU, which is aimed at gaming laptops, will come with an integrated ray tracing (Raytracing) system. The Arc Pro A40 GPU will also include AV1 hardware encoding acceleration.

Intel says that the newly launched Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPUs will be available to users later this year. However, there is no exact release date and pricing details announced yet.