Intel Launches Intel Arc A580 GPU With Ray Tracing and Intel XeSS Support

Image Courtesy: Intel

On October 10, Intel made a significant announcement, unveiling the global availability of the Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics, in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers. This new addition fills the mid-range of the Intel Arc discrete graphics product lineup, catering to both gamers and creators. The Arc A580 offers advanced gaming performance, supporting 1080p high settings on popular contemporary games, achieving high frame rates on esports titles, and delivering a comprehensive set of media capabilities.

Intel Arc A580 graphics come equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including AI-enhanced Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. These features work in unison to elevate gaming performance and offer a visually stunning, realistic gaming experience.

Why It Matters:

The release of the Intel Arc A580 graphics is a pivotal moment in the GPU market. It brings the modern features of the Arc GPU family within reach of mainstream gamers and creators at a competitive price point. This new GPU boasts powerful gaming features like Intel XeSS and ray tracing, which push the boundaries of the gaming experience. They enable improved performance at higher resolutions while delivering hyper-realistic visuals.

With a memory bandwidth of 512 gigabytes per second, more than double that of its closest competitors, Intel Arc A580-based add-in cards are well-equipped to smoothly run even the most demanding modern games. Additionally, these cards offer comprehensive media support, including dual hardware-accelerated AV1 decode and encode engines, empowering creators to work with the codec of their choice.

The inclusion of built-in Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel® XMX) AI engines is a game-changer. Not only do they power Intel XeSS, an AI-based upscaling technology, but they also excel in other AI workloads, including generative tasks using models such as Stable Diffusion.

Price and Availability:

Intel Arc A580-based add-in cards are now available from a range of reputable manufacturers, including ASRock, GUNNIR, and Sparkle, with prices starting at just $179. This accessibility ensures that a broader spectrum of gamers and creators can take advantage of the exceptional capabilities of the Intel Arc A580 graphics.

Intel’s commitment to democratizing high-quality graphics and AI-driven performance is further solidified with the launch of the Intel Arc A580. Gamers and creators can now harness the power of modern GPU technologies, taking their experiences to new heights while staying within budget.