Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Announced

Kingdom Hearts IV

At its recent 20th Anniversary event, Square Enix announced the release of Kingdoms Hearts IV and its sequel, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. The game will be available in beta testing for select regions later this year. While the exact release date has not yet been announced, the developers have stated that both titles will be available for purchase sometime in 2023.

A few teaser videos and cinematics have been released in the wake of the announcement. These reveal an older and more realistic Sora as he runs up a skyscraper and fights a giant boss. The visuals of the new game look and feel much better than the ones seen in previous releases, and fans will definitely want to get their hands on it.

However, there are some concerns about the game’s difficulty. This is a major reason why Square Enix is limiting the game’s beta test regions.

The plot of Kingdom Hearts is confusing at times, but luckily Square Enix has a plan to make it less so. While there are no plans to bring Disney characters into the game, the trailer shows off some familiar faces.

Goofy and Donald are looking for Sora in a dark cave, but someone else is spying on them. It’s unclear whether this is a deliberate hint, or a mistake.

YouTube video

As for the Kingdom Hearts series, fans can expect new trailers for the Kingdom Hearts game and a sequel to the popular mobile game. In addition to the mainline series, the new games will have a mobile component and will go into early beta testing later this year.

Neither game has a set release window, so fans can expect more details soon. Once these two are released, the game will become a big hit.