Wild Rift: The League of Legends for Everyone

Wild Rift The League of Legends

What is League of Legends?

Introduction: “League of Legends” (LoL) is Riot Games’ debut title and flagship game. It was released in October 2009 after being in development for 5 years.

It features memorable characters with unique play styles and abilities revolving around a classic map. The summoner’s rift map sees two teams compete against each other to destroy each other’s Nexus at opposing corners of the map, both protected by defensive towers along three lanes (‘top,’ ‘mid,’ and ‘bot’).

The game’s goal is to work together with your team to advance on the other Nexus while continually defending your own. Players can communicate with each other using text, voice chat, pings, or emotes. LoL currently has an active monthly player base of 180 million all over the world, consisting of casual, competitive, and professional gamers.

As introduced above, the map is split into three lanes, top, mid, and bottom. Each lane has 3 defensive towers protecting their respective inhibitor behind them. To win, players must destroy the enemy’s base (the Nexus) located deep within their defenses past multiple layers of towers/turrets that protect their base.

A match between two teams takes an average of 30 minutes. Each champion controlled by the summoner, aka the gamer, starts at level 1 and levels up throughout the game to become more powerful, gaining access to more abilities and items as they go. The jungle contains neutral monsters to be killed for gold (for buying items), experience (for boosting champions’ levels), and buff (for special effects).

Ranked matches determine player skill level where the best players rise to the top by pushing their way up divisions. In order to participate in ranked matches, every player has to first reach level 30 with at least 20 champions owned.

What is Wild Rift?

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a multiplayer online battle arena/real-time strategy game for iOS and Android devices. It was released in 2020 to overwhelming popularity. Wild Rift (WR) is another version of online gaming with some rectifications compared to League of Legends.

After Wild Rift finally went live in North America, players were excited to introduce their non-PC friends to join the League world. The mobile game is built nearly identical to League of Legend’s core gameplay with some key tweaks to feel fresh yet familiar at its core.

League of Legends has always been a challenging game to get into for new players, but with the change in control schemes and less powerful processing systems, Wild Rift has become more friendly for new or non-PC players. Each match takes around 15 minutes in comparison to 30-40 minutes of a League of Legends match.

These changes were made from the developers’ original design goal – making League easier by lowering the skill floor, so it won’t overwhelm gamers unfamiliar with the PC counterpart or those just getting started to explore this wonderful world full-of possibilities.

What are The Biggest Differences between LoL and WR?

  1. Champions Changes

Wild Rift has a smaller champion pool than League of Legends. However, Riot promises to add more, with about two new ones each month for the foreseeable future. But it’s possible not every LoL character will end up in Wild Rift.

It’s worth noting that all champions’ passive abilities are removed in Wild Rift. For example, Vayne’s Silver Bolts and Vi’s Denting Blows are absent from the Wild Rift’s universe.

Learning a champion’s “new” kit in Wild Rift will be an exciting experience. The controls have been reworked, so some abilities must be tuned properly. That is a game-changer for certain champions. For example, Katarina can now move while in her Death Lotus.

  1. No Active items

Wild Rift’s itemization is simplified and unique because it has no more active abilities. However, players can get one of the active effects through enchantments on their boots, including Zhonya’s stasis or Rocketbelt dash. That also means some champions will be able to access Zhonya’s power that they couldn’t get in League of Legends!

  1. Removal of Jungle and Support Items

What if I told you that the future of League is in your hands? Players no longer need to buy support items, and junglers no longer require an extra smite item for farming camps. It’s true! That change implemented in Wild Rift will make many different champions possibly fit in Jungle or Support roles, so get ready and try to play some champions you would never choose as Jungle or Support in League of Legends before!

  1. Nexus Attacks

In Wild Rift, the Nexus fires those laser beams to defend itself. The last line of defense has been removed and replaced with an advanced automated system that can launch powerful attacks in response against any would-be attackers – even if they’re already past this point!

  1. Different Skins

With so many League of Legends skins coming over to Wild Rift, there will be some WR exclusive ones. For instance, Riot has released the Stargazer cosmetics line for Wild Rift, and it’ll only exist in this universe. The same changes apply to WR’s emotes and icons, too.

  1. Auto-Lock The Enemy

To help with the issue that you need to constantly re-target enemies, Riot has implemented a new mechanic where any enemy champion attacked will be locked onto. That means it’s possible to combo attacks and abilities without accidentally clicking on the wrong target. Wild Rift’s newly designed “auto-lock” feature is unique and primarily helps reduce troubles in attack moving.

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