Level Zero Asymmetric Survival Horror Game for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Launches in 2023

Level Zero

If you love asymmetric horror games, you’re going to love Level Zero. The game will make you use your teamwork to survive and recover power from monsters that are out to destroy the human race. Since the game doesn’t feature guns, players will need to rely on a lot of light in order to survive. Players will have to use flashlights, road flares, floodlights, and other light sources to stay safe and to keep each other safe.

The sci-fi horror game will feature asymmetric gameplay, and it’ll be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2023. The game’s developers, TinyBuild, recently released a new gameplay trailer on YouTube that shows off some of the game’s upcoming antagonists. You can sign up now to participate in the Level Zero Closed Beta.

Despite its name, the game won’t be as brutal as previous entries. In fact, it’s likely to be less violent and more realistic than its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be without horror. It’s still a game for horror fans, but it’s more geared toward the RPG genre than its more traditional, action-oriented counterparts.

Level Zero requires a team of four people to survive. You will be a team of scientists who must repair a power station, coordinate the repair of fuse panels, and fend off monsters while you use glowsticks and flares to combat the dark. The game’s main focus is on cooperative skills and teamwork, as the monsters are weak to bright light.