How to Get Lisa’s New A Sobriquet Under Shade Outfit in Genshin Impact

A Sobriquet Under Shade
Image Courtesy: Hoyolab

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you may have heard of Lisa’s new skin. It’s called A Sobriquet Under Shade and it’s a throwback to the days when Lisa was a scholar in the Sumeru Akademiya. The new outfit will be available as part of the upcoming Genshin Impact Update Version 3.4. Players will be able to get Lisa’s brand-new outfitA Sobriquet Under Shade” for free by participating in the limited-time “Second Bloomingevent.

This outfit is designed to emphasize Lisa’s studious personality. The costume features a quality dress and some personal touches. However, it’s not a freebie. You’ll have to shell out some of your hard-earned Genesis Crystals for the new outfit.

How to Get Lisa’s New A Sobriquet Under Shade Outfit for Free

To get the new A Sobriquet Under Shade outfit, you’ll have to participate in a special event. There are two major events to look out for. These include the Lantern Rite and the Second Blooming. While the first one is combat-oriented, the Second Blooming is more team-based.

During the Second Blooming event, you’ll be able to receive Lisa’s new A Sobriquet Under Shade outfit. As well, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of primogems and weapon ascension materials. Finally, you’ll be able to unlock the new skin.

If you’re lucky enough to complete the event, you’ll be rewarded with Lisa’s A Sobriquet Under Shade outfit. Although this outfit won’t be released with the upcoming 3.4 patch, it’ll be available in the Character Outfit Shop later in the month.

The outfit also features a little cap. It will cost you around 1,680 genesis crystals. Fortunately, you’ll be able to buy the outfit during a limited-time sale after the end of Version 3.4, “A Sobriquet Under Shade”.

With the upcoming 3.4 update, HoYoverse will also add a new skin for Lisa. That’s not all though. In addition, HoYoverse has revealed that Kamisato Ayaka will be getting a new outfit called Springbloom Missiv.