Luigi’s Mansion 3 Update 1.3.0 Version Adds Multiplayer DLC Pack 1

Luigi's Mansion 3 Update

Today the first part of the multiplayer DLC pack of Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch is released with a new update of the game, version 1.3.0. The first part of this seasonal pass, therefore, adds content for the Haunted Tower and Strange Games modes:

– Three special costumes to wear in the Haunted Tower (the medieval suite, the nightclub and the pharaonic suite).
– If Luigi wears one of these special costumes in the Haunted Tower, it is possible to explore three new levels on the theme of the costume in question and to cross six types of new ghosts (note: players not having the multiplayer pack will be able to see the costumes).
– Three new games to discover in the Games of the ScreamPark (presented in the trailer below).

New features have also been added for free outside the multiplayer pack. Now it is possible to play the ScreamPark solo (in the form of a training mode without adversaries), and several new elements have been added in the Haunted Tower, including a mode with 20 floors, five new rare ghosts types (which also appear in missions to defeat crows and collect gold) and the possibility to access explanations on how to play in the menu. We also now find the Albums functionality, allowing you to listen to the game’s music. The developers also took the opportunity to fix bugs and make adjustments listed at this address.

As a reminder, the second part of the multiplayer pack is scheduled to release before July 31, 2020. It will also offer new content, including new special costumes with its levels and associated ghosts in the Haunted Tower, as well as three new games for the ScreamPark.

To take advantage of all these DLCs, you have to buy the multiplayer pack which costs $9.99, but they are not distributed separately. It is possible to buy the multiplayer pack on the Switch eShop, and Nintendo also offers Luigi’s Mansion 3 + the multiplayer pack for €69.98. By purchasing the multiplayer pack, a purchase bonus is also offered and distributed now: the type E flashlight, usable in story mode and in the Haunted Tower, which allows the head of the Ectochian to help us through difficult times.

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