Microsoft Buys All Konami IPs Including Metal Gear, Silent Hill & More for Xbox Series X – Rumor

Microsoft Konami

Konami, the iconic Japanese video game company, has to its credit some of the most prominent brands in the history of the industry. Logically, we refer to IPs such as Metal Gear, Castlevania, or Silent Hill, for which several rumors were claimed recently.

In this sense, we will remember that weeks ago the possibility that PlayStation was interested in taking over some of these brands for PS5 was discussed. Now, it seems that it is the turn of Microsoft and the Xbox Series X.

We will highlight, therefore, that the information that we will present below was – originally – published at the beginning of the current month of March, although it was not until a few hours ago that gained strength:

“Tonight between 10PM and Midnight (est) Microsoft will finalize the purchase of the entire gaming catalogue from Konami. The deal they’ve been working towards is so expensive for Microsoft that it will single-handed fund a new manufacturing facility Konami has been wanting build to focus on new R&D for gambling devices. Microsoft will have to keep paying royalties back to Konami on all games that Konami originally released, including future remasters. Only new games, made from the ground up, will be fully profitable for Microsoft. Konami will also retain the rights to create new gambling hardware based on any previously adult (M-rated) themed game they’ve released. In the deal Microsoft will be able to select a team from potential layoff employees after the sale to help found a studio in Chou City. Konami will allow for the current “Xbox Games Studios Tokyo” as a satellite office for 12-18 months on the second floor of their current headquarters in Chou City while Microsoft finalizes their plans to move to, or construct, their own studio space.”

We will highlight, in case of doubt, that at the moment there is no way of knowing if this information is real or not. In this sense, however, we would like to notify you that for months the Microsoft executives have emphasized the importance of the Japanese market for their video games division.

Phil Spencer has echoed this on multiple occasions, and we also got to know that during the past 2019 they allegedly tried to get hold of PlatinumGames, one of the most prominent studios on the market.

Given this, at the moment we have no alternative but to be patient. If this agreement mentioned at the beginning of March is real, chances are that we will end up hearing news about it as the Xbox Series X approaches, since clearly the movement would be made with the console in mind.

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