Two New Silent Hill Are in Development – Rumor

Silent Hill

The cancellation of Silent Hill, the series directed by Hideo Kojima, was a real heartbreak for many fans of the survival-horror genre. Almost five years later, the horrific saga of Konami returns to the front of the stage.

Here’s a real surprise that the players probably weren’t expecting any more. In 2014, PS4 hosted a terrifying demo called P.T.! The latter actually served as a playable trailer that announced the coming of Silent Hills on PS4. This game was to be developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with a certain Norman Reedus in the casting. Alas, the game never came out and this “dream team” finally gave birth to a certain Death Stranding.

The rebirth of a license

Recently, the Rely on Horror site returns with great news. According to several sources, Sony is working both on a reboot of the Silent Hill saga and on a kind of “Silent Hills Revival” of the game.

The first would be developed over the past year at SIE Japan Studio and overseen by Keiichiro Toyama, the director of the PlayStation episode released in 1999. As for the second, it would be the Silent Hills canceled in 2015. Sony would even try to rewrite Kojima Productions and Konami so that the project can be relaunched.

For the moment, Rely on Horror does not know if Sony has bought the license in its entirety or if the Japanese manufacturer will only take care of publishing the next game (s). Last January, it was the Eurogamer site which claimed that two Silent Hill games were in preparation, but at Konami this time. In short, it is difficult to detect the truth from everything else in the face of all these rumors.

In recent news, a new Silent Hill was possibly teased by Kojima Productions and its game creator. On the other hand, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition fanmade remaster is available for download now.

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