Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Fanmade Remaster Available Now

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition

Silent Hill 2 is one of those works that manages to position itself as true referents within its genre. The horror title that explored the most psychological issues, is already a veteran, but a group of fans decided to touch up the game a while ago.

Several amateur developers and modders got together a few months ago to create Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, an improved version of the title. This game is now available, but over the months it will be updated with improvements of all kinds. Recently, new implementations have been added.

The official description of this project explains that this project is an ongoing project that makes the PC version of Silent Hill 2 compatible with modern hardware and can be reproduced in a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 while improving images, audio and the most important errors.

The development team has shared the fourth update video of this project this morning, where they review the recently added improvements, such as the addition of soft shadows, own shadows, restored postprocessing effects, continuous command support and much more. You can download this mod here. Check out the video:

YouTube video

In recent news, it was reported that Masahiro Ito, designer of Silent Hill, is working on a new game. We really want to know about the new work of Japanese creative.

Recall, the release of the horror game Silent Hill 2 took place in September 2001 on the PlayStation 2 platform. The game was subsequently re-released on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

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