PlatinumGames Open to Support The Wonderful 101 Sequel

The Wonderful 101: Remastered

The Wonderful 101 was not a huge success when it was originally released on Wii U in 2013. This was not due to the fact the development studio PlatinumGames is not enthusiastic about the game that can be seen from the Kickstarter campaign that was recently launched. The actual goal of $50,000 was reached very quickly and a total of over $1.5 million was raised for implementations of the title on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam, including other stretched goals.

The great success of the Kickstarter campaign is not only an important insight into the present, but also for what could follow in the future. Director Hideki Kamiya is definitely interested in creating a successor and even has ideas for it, while PlatinumGames boss Atsushi Inaba certainly supports this project for the future.

Kamiya said the following to Nintendo Everything in an interview prior to the Kickstarter campaign:

“Back when we were making the Wii U original, I had a lot of hopes for the game before its release. I knew we made a really incredible game, so I felt confident that a lot of people would play it and it’d be a big hit. I was dreaming things up left and right – I had ideas like, ‘Oh, what would it be like if we did a sequel where Wonder Blue was the leader?’ All of these creative and exciting ideas were flowing, and then the game released and I saw the numbers and was like, ‘Wait, what ?!’ (Laughs) So, I hope I get to have those aspirations again in the future.”

While Inaba agreed:

“We always think about how we can expand on all our games. We want to revisit it now because we’ve always felt it was a high-quality game that didn’t get a fair chance. In regards to a sequel or something, we can’t make one if there aren’t any fans for the series in the first place. So if fans support this and things go really well for The Wonderful 101, then I’d say it’s pretty natural that we’d want to make another game in the series! (Laughs)”

In recent news, it was confirmed that the game will run at 1080p resolution in docked and 720p in portable mode on Nintendo Switch.

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Rajesh Vish
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