Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti and 3080 Will Release on September 17, RTX 3070 in October and RTX 3060 in November

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti and 3080

There is no doubt that new generations of graphics cards will be announced soon and this arouses a strong expectation of information, therefore logically the existence of many rumors. New rumors about future RTX cards from Nvidia are present on the web. For the moment, they concern very high-end cards from the RTX 3080 to a potential RTX Titan Ampere.

There are some insiders who agree on three future Nvidia cards, based on the Ampere architecture, the RTX Titan Ampere, RTX 3090 or 3080 Ti and RTX 3080. This is a very different vision from previous rumors, since previously it was imagined that the RTX 3090 would be the new Titan. All three cards would be based on the same GPU, the GA102 (which was no longer the case since the Kepler architecture) and would also share the same memory standard, GDDR6X.

The RTX 3080 would have 4352 Cuda Core (what the RTX 2080 Ti offers) and 10 GB of RAM, which would assume a 320-bit memory interface. The RTX 3090/3080 Ti would offer 5248 Cuda Core and 12 GB of GDDR6X, interfaced in 384 bits. The RTX Titan Ampere would be entitled to 24 GB of RAM, interfaced in 384 bits and 5376 Cuda Core.

Nvidia could launch its new RTX Ampere in three stages at the end of 2020, the RTX 3080 Ti (or 3090) and 3080 would start the ball rolling, on September 17, a month later, in October, the RTX 3070 would follow and in November Nvidia would offer the RTX 3060.

There are many contradictions in the reports so far on the upcoming NVIDIA Ampere RTX 3000 graphics cards, but most websites and insiders agree on one thing: the premiere is just around the corner. We have heard more information about the discontinuation of selected GeForce RTX 2000 cards, which will soon be replaced by a more efficient series based on the new architecture.


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