Silent Hill Official Twitter Account Has Been Created, Announcement Coming Soon?

Silent Hill

It has been many months now that the return of the Silent Hill series has been rumored here and there. Today, we have a new element that increases the evidence of an early announcement of the game.

Silent Hill seems to be preparing itself for an early announcement. The Konami franchise, which has been stored in a drawer for more than a decade, has been the subject of rumors in recent months.

On Twitter, we can indeed find an official account in the name of Silent Hill, which was created by Konami itself. The immediate goal is to communicate around the crossover between the series and Dead by Daylight, but we doubt that the creation was made only for such a small feature.

Konami itself was in charge of confirming the link with the Japanese developer, something that has encouraged fans to believe that we will have a new title sooner rather than later.

This account seems to be aimed at the western public, since the first publication on the same has been made available in English. In addition, the official Twitter account of Konami also recently “teased” the series this week by posting music from Silent Hill 2.

Still, there’s no denying that Konami is actually working on something related to a new game in the series that has been rumored for months. Most likely, a soft reboot will be coming to PS5, which is probably developed by Sony Japan.

It was previously stated that the next Silent Hill would be in development at SIE Japan Studios as an exclusive to PlayStation 5. In the direction, Keiichiro Toyama would return, in addition to other members of the creative team of the original 1999 game, including composer Akira Yamaoka.

Whether Silent Hill will finally show up or not, it can be found out at the next State of Play, which is planned for August.

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