How to Play Zero Build Mode in Fortnite?

Fortnite Zero Build

The new Fortnite no Building Mode (Zero Build Mode) has just been released by Epic Games and if you are wondering how to play this new Zero Build Mode then this guide is for you.

The new game mode, Fortnite Zero Build, is a pure test of traversal. It is accessible through the Discover page and is also available in Solo, Duos, and Trios. Players must find a building and place their Overshield to defend themselves. You can use Ascenders and Mantling to climb higher and access Blimps. You can Sprint between covered areas using the Sprint burst.

In Fortnite Zero Build, you have no buildings. To survive, you must have the Overshield as your first line of defense. You can also use the Ascender or Mantling abilities to gain high ground over your opponents.

Zero Build

If you want to become a victorious Royale, you must be able to Sprint. You should also have a high jump. You can use the Overshield to get high ground and protect yourself.

Another new feature of Fortnite Zero Build is its elimination of building mechanics. In the previous seasons, this was one of the game’s biggest attractions, but Epic Games decided to take it out entirely in Season 2 to attract a whole new audience.

In this mode, you can just run from cover to cover, and make sure to be careful where you land. This will increase your chances of winning the battle. There are many advantages to playing this mode.

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