Fortnite Zero Build: No-Build Battle Royale Mode Announced

Zero Build

Fortnite has a new mode called Fortnite Zero Build, which is a permanent no-build edition. The mode was announced by Epic Games in a YouTube video and blog post today. The new game mode is expected to release on March 29, 2022. The developers haven’t said when it will become available. The trailer shows the game’s new overshield defense and anti-vehicle Anvil Rocket Launcher.

This new game mode is similar to other gametypes, such as the solo, duo, trio, and squad modes. While players can’t build structures in Fortnite Zero Build, they can still upgrade their weapons and use them in other ways.

Unlike other modes, Zero-Build will not allow players to farm resources or make impromptu structures. Instead, combat will be decided by player gunplay, gadget handling, and traversal expertise.

Despite the new mode, Fortnite has already sparked passionate debates among gamers. This new mode will allow players to destroy structures and use their overshield as their first line of defense.

The new Fortnite mode will be available in the Discover menu, as well as the Solo, Duo, and Trios playlists. This game mode has three new weapons and will be available to all Fortnite players.