Apple’s Powerbeats 4 Bluetooth Headphones Leaked in iOS 13.3.1 Update

Powerbeats 4

Apple does its best to keep new products secret, but its own software updates often throw a spanner in the works. The recently released iOS 13.3.1 is also guilty of this leaking images of Powerbeats 4.

Shortly after the release of the update, references to the Powerbeats 4 were discovered, including an icon that shows the design of these unannounced earbuds. The icon clearly shows that Apple is planning to combine the design of the Powerbeats 3 with the wireless Powerbeats Pro.

The design of the bracket that you place around your ears has also changed. For example, the earphone section is placed diagonally, just like with the Powerbeats Pro. The bracket is more curved, so that it may stay better around your ears.

Another striking detail is the wire that comes out of the bottom of this bracket. So it seems that Apple is adding a cord that you place behind your neck so that the earplugs don’t just fall to the floor when you remove them from your ears.

What we do not see in the icon but expect, is that these new Powerbeats will probably get the same specs as the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. For example, an H1 chip is most likely to be present to make the connection more reliable. There is probably support for ‘Siri’ to read messages and give other voice commands.

In terms of price, the Powerbeats 4 will probably be close to the Powerbeats 3, so count on the price of around $200. When we can expect the earbuds is not clear, but now that they have popped up in the code of iOS 13.3.1, this can happen at any time. Possibly this is one of the announcements Apple will make during the March event, where we also expect the iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro 2020.


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