Project: Ragnarok Norse Mythology-inspired Game Announced for PC, Consoles, iOS, & Android

Project: Ragnarok

NetEase has announced its next AAA project, a new game called Project: Ragnarok, offering players to go on an adventure in an open world inspired by Nordic mythology.

It is for this reason that NetEase Games decides, in turn, to explore this magical and icy world in order to offer a certain Project: Ragnarok. In this game, the player will take control of a hero created from scratch to stop the Ragnarok. To do this, the player will have to face dragons, giants and cross many areas with various biomes ranging from forgotten caves, through hostile deserts, ancient forests, or even cities.

Presented as a cross-platform project that will not be available only for iOS and Android, Project: Ragnarok is a game that will try to combine the gameplay style traditionally seen in a Chinese MMO with premium AAA-title elements capable of captivating audiences worldwide.

At the moment, NetEase has only confirmed Project: Ragnarok for iOS and Android, but the plans are to launch the game on more platforms. Check the official description of the game below:

Project: Ragnarok is an open-world adventure game based on Norse mythology that will be available for all platforms. Under the doomsday prophecy of Ragnarok, the title will tell the fated struggle of nine individual races fighting against destruction and guarding their homeland in a world of dragons and giants.

Here’s the first trailer of the game:

YouTube video

And below is the gameplay announcement trailer:

YouTube video

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