AMD: PS4 and Xbox One Sold More Than 150 Million Units Combined

PS4 Xbox One

AMD has celebrated it’s Financial Analyst Day 2020 and the executive director Lusa Su has given an approximate figure of the total sales of PS4 and Xbox One: more than 150 million consoles have been shipped from their launches at the end of 2013 to 2020. It is a fact that it should be more precise than the one estimated by the analysts because it is the manufacturer of the APU of both platforms, and will know the distribution of its components.

We know that until December 31, 2019, 108.9 million PlayStation 4 -and PS4 Pro- had been sold, and with the AMD data, in the absence of knowing how much that “more than 150” is, we would know that Xbox One – including Xbox One X- is found in the 41 million consoles sold. Microsoft stopped reporting on the sale of its consoles in October 2015, so the last official data we know was the figure of 10 million reached in 2014.

Many analysts had estimated approximate sales similar to what AMD has revealed. For example, Daniel Ahmad calculated, in early 2019, that Xbox One would be around 41 million.

The success of these consoles matters a lot to AMD, which is also working on the successors of these machines, Xbox Series X and PS5, which will use AMD Ryzen with Zen 2 architecture. Both will give great importance to fast data loading with SSD and raytracing support, which allows precise lighting in real-time and effects such as reflections on polished surfaces. Microsoft has shown the external appearance of its console, while Sony has reported technical details, but has not yet made an official presentation.


Rajesh Vish
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